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Passenger Transport

Passenger Transport

Steep inclines? Problem solved.

Effortlessly tackle the toughest of inclines while being in complete control. All our transport units are outfitted with a whopping 250 watt electric motor controlled by our fingertip safety throttles.


The Passenger Transport provides power, ease of operation, safety and operational versatility. The ergonomically located twist grip throttle provides easy operation in either forward or reverse direction. An Automatic Braking System activates whenever throttle is fully released providing operator another level of safety. An Emergency Safety Stop Switch with Tether Cord provides additional passenger safety. Variable regenerative braking provides fingertip control of unit on downhill slopes and ramps.

The Passenger Transport provides safety for both operator and passenger during transportation. The unit can be configured to meet individual customer requirements.


•Motorcycle style throttle with operator key switch
•On–board charging system. ( plugs into any 110 wall outlet …anywhere , anytime )
•Two, new technology 24 volt sealed batteries for long drive times and plenty of power
•Robust 250 watt motor to move passengers up and down ramps
•Auto-brake system to keep passengers and driver safe at all times
•Air – filled tires to offer a smooth / comfortable ride
•Standard chair width is 24” for easy boarding within the narrow aisles and passages.
•Retractable passenger seat belt - standard
•One year limited  warranty – extended warranty options available
•Chair arms swing up for easy passenger access



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